Update on Beauty Products

In an early post I told you that I start my day with Nivea Nourishing Body Oil on my face.  This is before I am ready to wash my face.  It just relieves any dryness as I make my bed and do my exercises.  I know it says “Body” oil, but it consists of Avocado & Macadamia Oil and is so light, not oily, it works for me on both my face and body.  But the reason I am blogging about it again is people have not been able to find it, so I thought I would tell you it is available here through Amazon and if you belong to Amazon Prime it will be at your door in a flash!  So, if you are ordering it you also might try Nivea Firming & Smoothing too.  I use it on my legs and arms …then add the body oil.  With Spring just around the corner you will be baring your legs soon.

And I decided to add another favorite of mine to this post.  Very often I have an early appointment and do not have time to wash my hair.  This Dry Shampoo saves me.  It refreshes my hair and gives me another day or two before I need to wash.  Try it!  Works for anyone, male or female, and is available all over in drug stores and grocery stores.  There are several brands but I like this one.  The small travel size is great to have on a trip away from home.

Do tune in again as I will be explaining or videoing the timeless way I have washed my face all these years and the products I use!


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