Ha Ha! I’ve Been Spammed

Can you believe that somehow my blog “When Kari Met Burt” has gotten spammed, and of all things with links for “How to get Laid!”?

Seriously, it is the weirdest thing.  All these bot accounts from all over the world are posting nonsensical responses in my comment section, with the most eye-popping being porn ads about wild teens and how to get laid.  And, of all places, on my blog about Burt and how we met and married.  Whew!

I have to go into my site practically every day and mark the newest influx as spam and get rid of them.  This is a crazy cyberworld we live in.  My son tells me not to take it personally, that it’s just an automatic thing that happens on every site, but it’s still a little disconcerting.

Well, just wanted to share this with my readers and make you smile, sigh and shake your head as I do!

…And to reassure you that I’M not doing it!!  😉



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