Dry, scratchy feet

Since living in Denver with its dry climate, I have had a terrible time with rough heels and soles of my feet!  So I have tried just about every foot cream and salve out there to no avail.  Then a dear friend of mine came to my rescue.  He had some kind of a skin issue and this Alpha-Hydroxy Rapid Relief lotion was recommended to him.  He said it was miraculous.  I was skeptical but oh my goodness it works!!

After using a pumice stone or something similar on your feet, rub this lotion in generously and put on a nice comfy sock.  Do this for several days according to your need and voilá all the roughness disappears!  It totally blew me away as I have struggled for so long.  And I imagine it could be used other places too, such as elbows or knees.  All the things it says on it are true!  It says “Restoring lotion ceramides”.  It lists the following: Heals extremely rough, flaky, dry skin.  24-hour relief from dryness.  Fragrance free, non-greasy. Instant visible results.  You can buy it here.  You will be amazed and thank me.

I am so grateful to have learned about it and am able to pass it on.  🙂

Amlactin has several products out there but be sure to look for this one with blue striping and lettering saying “Rapid Relief”










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